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Sunshine Band

The Sunshine Band ministers to children 12 and under, and teaches them how to pray, sing, rejoice and recite scripture preparing them for ministry as they grow up in the church.

Purity Class

Our Purity Class ministers to youth 12-19 years old, and teaches them to keep themselves pure from sexual immorality and mental turmoil created by worldly onslaughts of the enemy. This instruction also teaches our youth to honor God in their bodies and to be happy.

Praise Dancers

Instructing youth as Praise Dancers ministers to them through dancing and singing ― teaching them to honor God in all that they do.

Youth Choir

Our Youth Choir allows the youth to minister through song, builds unity among the youth and teaches them to bless the Lord in their gift of singing.

Friday Night Live

God created each of us to do good works . We encourage you to fulfill your calling by joining a ministry team. Opportunities to serve are listed on the back of the Connection Card in your Sunday program. Indicate an area of interest and we will help you get plugged in. Not sure what this means? Is Friday Night Live an activity?

Childrens Church

Our Children’s Church ministers to youth 6-12 years old during regular church service times.

Young Men of excellence

This ministry is focused on the young males within the church, and  teaches them manners, courtesies, respect, etiquette, public speaking and proper attire as young men who love the Lord.

Young Women of excellence

This ministry is focused on the young females within the church, and teaches them manners, courtesies, respect, etiquette, public speaking and modest apparel as young women who love the Lord.

Our Youth Ministry  

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This dynamic ministry focuses on youth of all ages, providing Christian guidance, support and activities that encourage worship and that will enable them to press pass the challenges of today’s society. The Youth Ministry includes the Sunshine Band, Purity Class, the Youth Choir, Young Women and Men of Excellence, Praise Dancers and Children’s Church.

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