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Announcement Clerk
The announcement clerk reads all announcements of events, and ensures they are posted on the bulletin board and the church calendar.

The choir rehearses regularly, sings to the glory of God and prepares the battlefield for the preaching of the gospel so that God’s people are inspired and led to a place of worship.

Flower Guild
This ministry provides flower arrangements for the pulpit and other areas of the church.

Our Friendly greeters greet you with a smile and set the tone for your welcome feeling when entering into the sanctuary.

Our Hospitality Ministry coordinates food service for the church and ensures that water, juices and other necessities  are available for the pastor or others who minister.

Information Technology
Ensures that all IT equipment is working properly and communicating.

Minister of Music
Oversees all music in the church. Coordinates the various choirs to ensure all knows when they will sing. Provides assistance where needed.

Provide a safe and loving environment for the 1-5 year olds while the parents are enjoying worship service.

Nurses Unit
Provides assistance to those who may not feel well. Provide First Aid care when needed.  No medicine is administered.

Pastor's Aide
This ministry ensures the pastor has what he needs for ministry.  It also raises funds to help the pastor to attend conventions and other obligatory events.

Pastor Appreciation Committee
Coordinates the Pastor Appreciation program, sets the fundraising goal and ensures all things are decent and in order for the event.

Pulpit Guild
This is normally provided by deaconess.  This ministry ensures that water is made available for the ministers. It also ensures that anointing oil and any other special amenities requested by the pastor are provided.

Senior Choir
Provide a platform for the Seniors to minister in song.

Senior Support Group
Support for Seniors to encourage one another, go on outings, and etc.

Sound System
Operates and maintains the sound system. Ensures ministers have sound support when needed.

Usher Board
Ensures the sanctuary is in order.  Controls traffic flow and ensures attendees are provided with programs, visitor’s cards, fans and etc.

Fundraising Committee
Creates fundraising efforts to enhance the cash inflow of the church.

Our Support Ministry  

Friendly Church of God in Christ

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Ministry is something that births in the heart of a believer by God, which He nurtures until that particular ministry is ready to blossom.  If you are meant to be in a ministry God will put it in your heart and eventually grow you into it. Jesus said that people would know us by the love that we show each other.  We are to love our neighbors as ourselves and esteem others more than ourselves.

Elder Robert Mounger