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Hospital Visitation Ministry
Our Hospital Visitation Ministry provides comfort and care to those who need it, and ensures that that members of the church are visited when hospitalized.

Inreach Ministry
Our Inreach Ministry focuses on encouraging those members who may be missing from service, sending “we care” messages through cards, telephone calls and social media contact to ensure things are well with them.

Jail/Brig Ministry
This ministry provides visitation service to those who are incarcerated in local, county or military jails; and also serves as a care ministry to reach out and show love to those whose freedom has be taken away.

Missions Ministry
This ministry supports both local and foreign missions, and focuses on providing food, clothing and comfort items to those in need.  

Food and Clothing Ministry
As part of the Missions Ministry, this outreach provides food, clothing and necessities for those in need.

Nursing Home Ministry
Our nursing home ministry provides important service to the community and the church through visitation to local nursing and convalescent homes; and includes singing, scripture reading and encouragement.

Outreach Ministry
The Outreach Ministry entails street ministry through door-to-door visits and sharing the Word in public places. We pass out Christian music and literature, and other tools that help and provide encouragement to the lost with the gospel message of the love of God through His son Jesus Christ.

Prayer Service
Prayer Service takes place every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., and provides a platform for all to come together to seek the Lord in prayer and supplication.  

Sick and Shut-in Ministry
This is our home visitation ministry to those who cannot attend services, and involves home visits by a minister or missionary (or both) who offer prayer, scripture reading, home communion ― or even a meal if needed.

Special Events Ministry
The Special Events Ministry coordinates or participates in community events as part of the evangelism and outreach efforts. Special events may include community yard sales, cookouts, open-air services, food and clothing drives and fundraising for missions.

Our Evangelism Ministry

The primary purpose of the Evangelism Ministry is to win souls for Christ.  This is the heart of the church: to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ that the lost will be saved, baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and become Disciples of Christ. The evangelism conducts and oversees a multitude of activities to carry out this mission.

Elder Preston Butler